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Application and removal


In a nutshell, you first need to prepare your natural nails by pushing back your cuticles, polishing and degreasing your nail plate before placing the sticky tabs on your nails and then pressing the fake nails on.

However, there are plenty of additional tips and techniques to achieve a perfect and long lasting application. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow our video tutorials detailing in detail the steps to do (long version available on YouTube and short version on TikTok in the playlist "Tutorials").


The removal can be done at any time using the flat side of the small stick included in the kit.

The pointed side of the stick will then allow you to remove the sticky tabs stuck on the fake nails or your own nails.

The removal is simple, quick and painless.

We advise you to watch our tutorial on Youtube.


The ultra-adhesive sticky tabs included in each box purchased are designed to last an average of 5-7 days.

You don't have to wait for them to fall off by themselves: it is possible to remove your false nails at any time with the stick included in the kit (see our removal tutorial).

According to our users, the application can last up to 2-3 weeks but we recommend you not to keep them more than 15 days in a row to avoid water infiltration.

For the longest lasting installation, we recommend following our instructions (see our "Tips" tutorial on Youtube or our "Tips" playlist on TikTok).

For a longer duration, between 1 and 3 weeks, opt for our brush-on liquid glue.


To achieve the longest lasting installation, we recommend that you carefully follow our instructions and tips found in:

- our "Tips" tutorial on Youtube

- our "Tips" playlist on TikTok

Use of press on nails


Roxy Nails Paris false nails are infinitely reusable.

Just remember to remove the sticky tabs or glue residues after each application with your little wooden stick to make the press on nails as new. Then store your press on nails in their box to avoid losing them.


If you have used all the sticky tabs offered in your kit (24 sticky tabs, enough for 2 applications), you can buy sticky tabs packs sold separately (refill of 10 applications, 20 applications or 40 applications) in the Sticky tabs and glue section of our menu.


Yes! They are resistant to cold AND hot water. You can therefore wash your hands, shower, bathe, wash dishes, etc. without any problem.

However, it is recommended that you wait a few hours after each application before making initial contact with water. After that, you can spend days at the pool without worrying!


Every woman is different, and so are their nails! But don't worry: in each set, we provide you with between 24 and 28 nails of different sizes (between 12 and 14 sizes depending on the set) to suit all finger morphologies.

All sizes are already included in each kit (no need to send us your measurements).

When you receive your false nails, before proceeding with the application, you will have to superimpose each nail tip on your fingers to find the perfect size for each of your fingers.

TIP: Once you have found them, write down the nail tip size number (small number engraved underneath) so that you can find them next time without having to try them again.


Yes, as many testimonies of users with bitten nails or our crash tests on TikTok testify, it is totally possible to use our false nails on bitten nails.

We advise you to use short models.

It is also advised to cut the sticky tabs before gluing them if your nail base is very small to avoid that the sticky tab does not exceed too much of the nail.


There is no real age limit since, unlike liquid glue, sticky tabs do not damage your natural nails and are not dangerous.

It is only necessary that your nail base is sufficiently large to stick the adhesive pads. We estimate that from 13-14 years old, your nails are wide enough.


The sticky tabs are completely harmless and do not alter the nail plate, even after long applications and multiple uses.

However, be careful not to polish the surface of your nails too hard or for too long, as this can weaken your nails by thinning them. If you have to do new applications very frequently, we advise you to skip the polishing step some of the time and just degrease your natural nails.


Yes, we provide you with a mini nail file in each kit for this purpose.


Yes, if they are applied correctly, you won't feel them at all.

Of course, if this is your first time wearing long false nails, it will take a few days to get used to them (but it comes quickly!).

If you ever feel uncomfortable pressure, it means that your nail plate is particularly flat and that you will need to layer 2 sticky pads to create volume and ease the compression between the capsule and the nail.

About the products


The advantage of reusable false nails, or press on nails, is that they give you a lot of flexibility. You can decide to wear them when you want and remove them when you want. So there's no commitment, which is great if you can't - or don't want to - wear false nails all the time or if you just like to change your style.

They also have the advantage of not damaging your natural nails, unlike some gel or resin nails.


Our sticky tabs offer an average of 5-7 days of hold versus 1-3 weeks for our liquid glue.

Sticky tabs allow for infinite reuse of press on nails because they leave no residue on the nail tips, unlike liquid glue which can leave residue of solidified glue that are very difficult to remove.

The only advantage of liquid glue is that it offers a more durable fixation.


For each kit of press on nails purchased, you will receive:

-between 24 and 28 false nails (see product page of each model)

-24 sticky tabs (enough for 2 applications)

-1 wooden stick

-1 mini nail file

-1 storage box


Yes, Roxy Nails is against cruelty to our animal friends. All our products (including glues) respect the regulation 1223/2009 and are not tested on animals.

Delivery and orders


Orders are shipped within 24 to 72 hours after purchase (depending on available stock). Once shipped, delivery takes:

- 4-7 business days to the UK

- 5-9 business days to the US

- 5-12 business days to Europe

- 6-15 business days to other countries


Please contact our customer support to know the specific delays for your country.


Once your package has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail containing your tracking number. You will then be able to track your package directly on the tracking sites of our local delivery partners (La Poste, Bpost, Swiss Post, Royal Mail or other).


Don't panic! If your package has not yet been shipped, we can change your address. You just have to send the right address to our customer service by email at and specify your order number or your full name.

If your package has already been shipped, we will unfortunately not be able to make any changes and you will have to contact your local post office directly.


Roxy Nails Paris delivers worldwide (over 50 countries). Shipping is free for orders over a certain order amount to all destinations (see the cart gauge).

If your country is not available at checkout, you can contact us to make sure that delivery to your country is possible.


Simply add your 3 favorite kits to your cart and the least expensive of them will automatically go free.

This offer is applicable to all our press on nails models.

Cancelation, return and exchange


You have changed your mind? No problem! You can cancel your order before it is processed and shipped, by filling out the form in the contact section or by contacting our customer service at Do not forget to specify your order number.

IMPORTANT: After receiving the e-mail indicating that your order has been shipped, no modification or cancellation of order will be possible.


Yes, everyone has the right to change their mind. You can exchange or return items within 14 days of receiving your order, as long as they are not used.

For more information, please refer to our return and refund policy.

Customer support


Have a question? Our great customer service team is here to help or advise you!

There are several ways to contact us:

-by e-mail at

-by filling in the form in the contact section

-by sending us a message on social networks (please allow for a longer response time)

Note: if your message is about an order, please specify your order number.

Partenship and resale


It is possible. If you are a reseller, you just have to send us an e-mail with as many details as possible to Our wholesale prices are calculated according to the desired volume.


We are open to all types of collaborations and partnerships with influencers or companies. Just send us your project proposal by e-mail to